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    Business Type: Manufacturer / Exporters / Contract Manufacturing
    Address: Haji Pura Bun Road Sialkot-51310 Pakistan
    Phone: +92 52 7596482 / +92 311 7857727
    Fax: +92 52 7596483
    Live Support: +92 311 7857727 (Facebook, Skype & WhatsApp) /



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    Motorcycle Garments
    Fashion Garments
    Western Garments
    Bavarian Garments
    Tailor Industries Sialkot Pakistan
    "Tailor Industries" has great manufacturing units of following. 1.Leather Motorcycle Garments. 2.Textile Motorcycle Garments. 3.Fashion Leather Garments. 4.Leather Western Garments. 5.Bavarian Garments of Full Range. Our Products, available in a variety of colors & sizes to help brighten up anybody’s gear.Our workers at their best in manufacturing each customer Project making sure these are the products that customers love. We are most Special in All Types Leather Vest Leather Jackets Leather Pants/Chaps Racing Suits & Leather Gloves.
    Tailor Industries
    Haji Pura Bun Road,
    Sialkot-51310 Pakistan.
    WhatsApp: +92-311-7857727
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